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We provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design engineering for all types of construction, including: HVAC, sanitary systems, central heating and refrigeration plants, utility distribution systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, communication and electronic systems, electrical power plants, substations and distribution, fire protection systems.

Our experience include many types of buildings such as office towers and corporate offices, universities and schools, hospitals and medical facilities, hotels and condominiums, dormitories and housing facilities, and various other buildings for private and public use.  

We use the systems approach to design, management and control of engineering systems. Our experienced principals and staff are supported by a fully equipped computer design section.

In the past sixty years, were known as Ralph E. Phillips, Inc.  When Ralph E. Phillips, Inc. closed at the end of 1985, three senior engineers joined together to form this company which continues to offer high standards of engineering expertise on which the reputation of Ralph E. Phillips, Inc. was built.